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xoomba making organic fashion happen in West Africa

Xoomba is a feisty young design company with a goal of making fashion harmless. We produce hand made, organic clothing and textiles in Burkina Faso, West Africa. We abide by the highest environmental and ethical standards to create sustainable livelihoods in Sub Saharan Africa and deliver our products at accessible prices.

How? - By selling directly to our customers and making all products to order. Like that we cut out the cost of retail overhead and excess production. It takes some patience but we believe it is worth the wait for zero waste, ethically made goods


An International Ethical Fashion Experience in DUMBO

Hosted by Che Chisholm and Automatic Studios

We are delighted to be organizing “Future Fashion : For People Who Love Life On Earth” an interactive retail experience featuring ethically focused fashion, beauty, and lifestyle designers from April 28 through June 15 in Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York. There will be a grand opening the evening of May 4th with a fashion show, a closing party on June 15th and throughout a variety of events including projections, panel discussions, and family educational workshops.

“Future Fashion” sets out to create a space dedicated to dressing for good. From simple socks to glorious gowns - each designer strives to make fashion harmless. The focus is on those that through their design and manufacturing work, imagine a world where we can all make a living without destroying life on earth.  The six week long programming expresses a future where production is in harmony with people and planet is the norm through film, art, music, and cuisine.

Featured companies, organizations, and designers include

Field to Fragrance GAS with Cocccon Imane Ayissi

Maggie’s Organics Mara Haseltine Vustra Indego Africa Amalya

and Xoomba!


our commitment to organic cotton

All our fabrics are hand loomed in Burkina Faso using locally grown, organic and fair trade certified cotton

Jacqueline Eckart

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