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xoomba making organic fashion happen in West Africa

Xoomba is a feisty young design company with a goal of making fashion harmless. We produce hand made, organic clothing and textiles in Burkina Faso, West Africa. We abide by the highest environmental and ethical standards to create sustainable livelihoods in Sub Saharan Africa and deliver our products at accessible prices.

How? - By selling directly to our customers and making all products to order. Like that we cut out the cost of retail overhead and excess production. It takes some patience but we believe it is worth the wait for zero waste, ethically made goods

available now!         scrap bags!         massive madras!         shirts surprise pillows!

with free gift wrapping!

We make almost everything to order to minimize waste but we do have a few things that can be shipped right away. We have a few of the beloved massive madras shirts in size large and a few chevron natural cotton shirts in medium and small. We also have some great  scrap bags : Xoomba never lets a scrap go to waste. These scrap bags are one of a kind made of whatever organic cotton hand loomed scraps are lying around. And then the surprise cushions!

our commitment to organic cotton

All our fabrics are hand loomed in Burkina Faso using locally grown, organic and fair trade certified cotton

Jacqueline Eckart

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