Rococco Reef Restoration Launch by

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Mara G. Haseltine is an a pioneer in the field of SciArt, and an environmental activist, educator and explorer. Haseltine frequently collaborates with scientists and engineers to create work that addresses the link to between our cultural and biological evolution. Haseltine will be launching her sustainable Reef Project for coral entitled “The Rocco Coco Reef” for the first time on June 1st and all the works for sale will go towards innovative coral reef restoration. To see more of this artists’ work go to:
Gaelin Rosenwaks will also be screening her film Coral: Glimmer of Hope.
Coral reefs are the largest living organism on the planet, home to an incredible amount of biodiversity, but corals around the world are in trouble with widespread bleaching events and disease outbreaks due to rising ocean temperatures. A team of scientists heads to the Western Pacific Island chain of Palau to unlock the mysteries of species that may contain a secret of adaptation for survival. Amongst the many gloom and doom stories about corals and our warming oceans, Coral: Glimmer of Hope embarks to tell a positive story about the future of the world’s coral reefs.