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Xoomba is opting out of the usual way to sell apparel in stores all ready to wear because business as usual inevitably demands excess production that is a waste payed for by the customer in higher prices.

This is how you can buy Xoomba clothes:

Come to a fun and interesting night presenting the line accompanied by live music and beautiful documentary films that give you a more profound understanding of where we're coming from. There, if you're inspired, we can take your measurements to apply to whatever you order. If you can't come, well you can always order on our site of course! Then you will wait, sometimes for a really long time to receive the beautifully made organic pieces. It's worth the wait! Check out the films we want to show you below and sign up for news if you'd want to know when and where this will happen.



Alishia takes over the vandalized presidential palace in Bobo Dioulasso with 100% made in Burkina Faso organic style. Power to the people!


Year 27

Plastic bags permeate the atmosphere, creeping like an ominous, uncontrollable force through Ouagadougou while children work and play - Wabinlé Nabié's film illustrates this like a visual poem.


Rage of the People

In 2014, the people across Burkina Faso refused to allow the president of 27 years to change the constitution to run for president again. This film documents the preparations in Bobo Dioulasso, the cultural center of Burkina, that led up to the insurrection that sent Blaise Campaore out of office. Frederique Lagny captures the behind the scenes discussions and eloquent debates that organized a people to stand up for their rights.


Eau Secour


The title plays on the words water and help. Water and electricity is scarce in Burkina Faso, and the shortages are far worse for the poorest neighborhoods, often obliging people to wait in line all night to get their rations for the day. In this touching film, Wabinlé Nabié, shows how the people in these neighborhoods cope with such injustice with surprisingly good humor and resilience.

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Nils Nusens & friends



When Nils ads his funky juices to the mix the sound is inevitably groovy as he plays with excellent musicians from the intersecting worlds of afro, jazz and funk.

Becca Fox, singer, actor and dancer will breathe life into the Xoomba collection